IFS - International Food Standard
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Herewith the certification body
International Supplier Auditing b.v.
Jean Monnetpark 35
7336 BA Apeldoorn
The Netherlands

as certification body accredited on EN 45011 for the certification against IFS and having signed a contract with the IFS owners, declares that

Mantua Surgelati S.p.A.
Via dell'Industria - 46033 CASTELDARIO (MN)

for the product category: 10
Produzione di piatti precucinati surgelati.
Production of frozen ready meals.

fulfils the requirements of
International Food Standard (IFS)
Version 4, January 2004
at Higher level

Date of audit: 07/08-03-2006
Next audit to be completed before: 07-09-2007
Certificate-Register-No.: ISA / 2006 - 2387C
Date of issue of certificate: 06-04-2006
Certificate valid until: 05-10-2007
Apeldoorn, certificate release date 06-04-2006

Authorised by ISA partner: CSQA Certificazioni Srl.