Technology and quality

With more than thirty years of working in the frozen food sector, Mantua Surgelati experts have developed a wealth of unique and incomparable know-how, both technically and commercially.

The technical know-how inherent to the industrial production processes is remarkably high, permitting the attainment of superior quality levels, plus the performance of intense research and development activity into new products.

Technological innovation

A new production facility was inaugurated in 2005 with 2 frozen pizza lines and 1 frozen mini pizza line. The technologies employed in the system are extremely flexible and multi-functional and are the best currently available.

Again during 2005, a new cold store brought storage capacity up to a total of 22,000 refrigerated pallet spaces.


A productís success always and anyway depends mainly on its quality: the Mantua Group company policy has always privileged the quality aspect, by offering a product certainly convenient from a financial point of view and one of higher quality at the same time.

The quality of our products is guaranteed by ISO 9001:2000 and IFS certification. The raw materials and finished products are subjected to controls in our in-house microbiological laboratory, not only to guarantee respect of the law, but also to secure maximum product quality as expected from us by our partners.

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