Ice Cream

Kono Mantua
Kono Mantua
In the ambit of the policy of expanding its product range, in 1995, Mantua Surgelati organised its facilities with various ice-cream production lines.

Here too, the product assortment is really broad: we have the classic trays and drums from 300 g. to 2,250 g., the multi-pack line with biscuits, coated ices, ices with sticks, big ices, cones etc., and a line of mini ice-creams. In 1998 the production was identified by the creation of two industrial brands: “Gelato del Principe” and “Bellavista”. Diverse and highly interesting products have been launched under these brands. One extremely interesting example of such products is the Lemon Sorbet of the Bellavista line, exported also to Germany and France, while the transparent drums introduced in 1999 are today produced for numerous commercial brands. 

Particular innovations concern the trays: the 300 g. size is for example unique in its kind in Europe, while the 1 kg tray range has been completed with a product line based on fresh milk and cream, destined for a top quality market band.

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