Classic Trio
Classic Trio
The frozen pizza was and remains the core-business of the Mantua GROUP.
The assortment is truly vast: we offer pizzas with a rolled dough base or with a base baked in a stone oven, exactly like those of pizzerias. In our facilities, we can freeze slices, deep pan pizzas, snack mini pizzas, and fresh-up frozen pizzas, thanks to the extremely new line with innovative technology. We also employ production lines without freezing, for pizzas conserved in a modified atmosphere for example, and for extremely fresh pizzas with a shelf-life of 7 days. In line with current market trends, wanting frozen pizzas to be as similar as possible to those of normal pizzerias, we have increased the diameter of our pizzas from an initial 24/26 cm to the present size of 27/28 cm, in the classic recipes (Margherita, “Capricciosa”, Vegetarian, 4 Cheese).

We have also made changes to the breadth of the recipe range which has undergone particularly dynamic evolution: in 1999, we introduced the “Special Trio”, a pack of three unusual pizzas for the Italian market (one tuna and onion, one spicy salami and a spinach pizza), authentic provocation which has given great satisfaction in terms of volumes.   

In the same year, we created the Margherita pizza with cereals, the first in Europe, followed the next by the “Classic Trio” (Margherita, Vegetable and “Capricciosa”. Further innovation was introduced in pack format: we in fact launched 2 Margherita pizza convenience formats into the market (Margherita 2+1 Free and Margherita Family Pack 4) at the same time as the Margherita Snack x 4 mini pizzas in a box.In addition to their organoleptic qualities, Mantua Surgelati pizzas are distinguished by the attractive graphics of the packaging and informative support material. Very special care is dedicated to the graphic study of the catalogues, of the presentation sheets and of the packaging: apart from creating real impact, the differentiation of the graphic style in fact permits management of the specific product lines, such as the recent “Party” line.

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