Back in 1968, working in his small production business, Mr Romano Freddi identified the biggest problem in the production of fresh pizza: the short shelf-life of the product restricted its sale on the market.
This gave rise to the idea of frozen pizza production.
This marked the beginning of the frozen pizza market, which is still thriving after its remarkable development over the past 34 years and is unlikely to experience any decline.

The frozen pizza market

At the start of the 1970s, no one imagined that the pizza would become one of the most important items in the frozen food range.
MANTUA SURGELATI led the way as a producer for Dr. Oetker, a german national branded product vendor, who was the first in Germany to launch this product on the market. It was an instant success and exceeded all reasonable expectations. From that moment on, more and more companies throughout Europe included the frozen pizza in their range. The space reserved for frozen pizzas in supermarkets continued to grow until the pizza became one of the biggest selling items in the frozen food sector. Producers stepped up the pace and were constantly improving the quality of the product as well as the functionality of production lines.
In the mid 1980s, supermarket chains started to incorporate the frozen pizza into their own brands. This increased the popularity of the product among consumers because now it could now be marked at a lower price compared with that of the national brands. In recent years, marketing further contributed to the expansion of the variety on offer, as a range of different bases and preparation methods were brought onto the market.
In addition to the original standard pizza, the stone-baked pizza, the American-style pizza and the uncooked, ready-to-bake pizza were subsequently introduced.

Constant growth

MANTUA SURGELATI has always made it a priority to satisfy the needs of customers, even if this sometimes interfered with productivity. An uncompromising quality philosophy, reliability and efficiency as well as commitment to innovation and investment make MANTUA SURGELATI a trusted and extremely flexible partner.
The above criteria also enable MANTUA SURGELATI to adapt quickly to new market requirements.
MANTUA SURGELATI is one of the few companies that produce the entire range of frozen and fresh pizzas in all sizes and thicknesses, both round and square.
Over the years, service and logistics requirements have also become more complex, which is why MANTUA SURGELATI has set up various frozen food storage warehouses with space for 22,000 pallets.